Creative Impact Award Winner – MCV Pacific XBOX Women in Games Lunch

I’m honoured to have received a Creative Impact Award at the Women in Games Lunch!

The Creative Impact Award specifically recognises talent in game development and design. It takes into account how the recipient contributed to the critical and/or commercial success of game titles and helped other team members fulfill their potential.

These awards are judged by a panel of ten industry members which makes the award even more special. I couldn’t be happier. Almost three years of being in games has been challenging for me creatively and an absolute joy.

Whew. I have never had to prepare a ‘thank you’ speech. I was writing the speech right before I jumped on a plane to Sydney, feeling extremely presumptuous!

The Women in Games lunch is always a special event. The room was electric all afternoon. We had come from all over Australia to be in the same room together. I barely made it past the entryway in the first thirty minutes because I had tumbled into conversations with new and familiar faces. Around me, I hear words of kindness and of strategy with a liberal dose of self deprecation.

I made it to my seat with a champagne (well done) and everyone at the table introduced themselves. We laugh together, our eyes darting around the room for more friends we must speak to before we leave. We gleaned our menus and hoped the order of entrees, mains and desserts were forever in our favour.

When it came time for the award announcements, I clutched my champagne. Every person mentioned was deserving of an award, heck, everyone in the room (and outside of it) was.

The space between the finalist announcement and the winner announcement was long. My name came and I felt all eyes on me. I remember telling myself not to fall over on the way to the podium!

What is all this ‘creativeness’ I do?

I am the narrative designer on a gorgeous game called The Gardens Between and  have done narrative design for EarthlightI am a founder and director of Burning Glass Creative. We give narrative, game design and production help to game developers and other creative industries. We are currently working with amazing teams such as Paper House on Paperbark.

I continue to be blessed with wonderfully creative people to work with. 

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