The Gardens Between and I in Code Breakers at ACMI July - November 2017

Ok, gosh, it can’t go another month without me blogging about Code Breakers!

I am very humbled to be included in ACMI’s Code Breakers exhibition celebrating the achievements of Australian and New Zealand women in games. By the way, I'm going to add in some quotes from these amazing women throughout this post but you can hear full interviews with all the Code Breakers women here: Meet The Makers Code Breakers Audio.

Especially at conventions where there are consumers, I’m still considered the girlfriend. As much as I love educating people and saying ‘no, I’m actually the producer’, it’s not my job to do that – and it really frustrates me.
— Lisy Kane - Producer at League of Geeks

You can go along and play all of the games from Ninja Pizza Girl, to Need for Speed: No Limits, Armello and Objects in Space.  You can also play The Gardens Between, the game I have been a part of for around three years now.

The team behind The Gardens Between are an exceptional group of talented artists in their own right. I’ve learnt so much about game design, art direction and storytelling so far, and I’m sure there’s more to come!

It’s not enough to encourage more women to join the games industry. We need to create an environment where they can thrive... If we can keep women and minority developers from being worn down early in their careers, and nurture that joy instead, they will be unstoppable.
— Nicole Stark - Designer & Director - Disparity Games

What I love about this exhibition is that it showcases women in different game development roles which helps to debunk any myths around if women can code, design or direct games. Each woman in the exhibition gives an account of their journey in the industry including challenges and their creative processes.

I’m very thankful to the staff at ACMI who have worked to create such an engaging exhibition and to the advisory committee, Kate Inabinet, Helen Stuckey and Leena van Deventer.

Being a part of the exhibition has been extremely wonderful. I’ve received messages from family, friends and strangers who have been through the exhibition and have played the games. They love it. I'm glad this exhibition is also a platform to encourage discussion around women in games, but also, encouraging more individuals of all identities to take an interest in and to make games.

Our industry should offer sustainable careers to a wide range of people, not just glamour gigs for wealthy young white guys.
— Katharine Neil - Narrative Designer

Being in Code Breakers has reinforced to me how important it is to put women to the front – I have had teachers tell me that their school group has taken a lot away from the exhibition, especially the girls. I can’t tell you how cool this is. I would have loved to see this exhibition when I was in high school.

The Guardian has been running articles showcasing other women in the industry and also investigating issues around women in the games industry. I highly recommend this series to get you in the Code Breakers mood

Brooke M